Klydo (2017 - 2022)

An AI powered market research platform that analyses millions of online discussions to extract hidden consumer insights.

How might we...

…stop bad user research from causing companies to waste billions on solving the wrong problem?

…help companies truly understand what their customers need and want?

The solution...

…an AI powered insights platform to help consumer brands identify real unmet needs from online discussions


TypeScript; Python; AWS; React; Spacy; d3; Apache Airflow; ElasticSearch; Figma



Bad user research causes brands to waste huge amounts of time and money on solving the wrong problems. Traditional market research involves either expensive and time-consuming qualitative user research (interviews, focus groups, etc) or broad and undifferentiated quantitative studies (trends forecasting, demographic segmentation, etc.).

Klydo saved me $20k worth of research on just one project

Innovation Director, Instinct

Klydo combines the detailed richness of qualitative research, with the scale of quant. We’ve created an AI powered market research platform that sifts through millions of online discussions, extracting consumer insights at scale to reveal real unmet needs. This analysis is then packaged up into intuitive data visualisations that allow brands to understand what their users really care about and discover unprompted insights.


Play with a demo of the Klydo platform

Klydo lets us be consumer-centric before even speaking to consumers

Global Innovation Lead, Unilever

An easy-to-use SaaS platform provides the user with an interactive and intuitive way of viewing relationships and trends over time. Actionable insights and problem statements can then be shared with colleagues to guide further research and inform product development decisions.

The Klydo platform in action

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